a Mediterranean dish on a white plateClassic Red Hots AlBasha

Classic Red Hots AlBasha is the best Mediterranean restaurant in St. Louis. For over 17 years, this local establishment has served up the most delicious Middle Eastern cuisine in the Chesterfield area, making it your go-to spot for kosher and halal food. Combining the freshest ingredients with the most trusted family recipes, Classic Red Hots offers the best of the Old World right here in Missouri. 

If you’re on the go, you can’t beat the speed and customer service at Classic Red Hots. Browse their extensive menu and find all of your authentic Mediterranean food favorites, like grape leaves and hummus, as well as shish kabob and baba gannouj. For something light, order the special house salad and lentil soup. Or get a falafel sandwich, stuffed with hummus, tahini sauce, pickles and veggies. No matter your choice, these professionals will have your food out quick. For those choosing Classic Red Hots for dinner, feast on a classic gyro with your choice of tender chicken, beef, or lamb. If you’re craving traditional American staples, go with their New York, Philly, or Chicago-style hotdogs. Customers love sinking their teeth into their Vienna hot sandwiches, including the Italian cheesy beef, At Classic Red Hots, one thing is for sure, you can't go wrong with anything you order.

two Mediterranean dishesBest Mediterranean Restaurant in St. Louis

Don’t forget about dessert, this hometown Mediterranean restaurant offers a variety of dessert options for every sweet tooth. Try our devilishly good deep fried twinkie with powdered sugar and cherry sauce. 

Take a bite out of the baklava square featuring layers of buttery, flaky phyllo stuffed with sweet walnuts and drizzled with syrup. When looking for the best Mediterranean restaurant for lunch and dinner, stop by Classic Red Hots AlBasha. 

Reach out today by calling 314-878-4687 to place a carryout order or click the button below to see the full menu.

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